On March 24, 2007, an international team of doctors, scientists and filmmakers embarked on a three-month mission to conduct a series of medical experiments on the world’s tallest mountain and to document the expedition for a new IMAX® Theatre film.  MacGillivray Freeman Films will document the expedition for its new film Everest: Conquering Thin Air, a follow-up to the smash hit film Everest, the highest grossing IMAX Theatre film of all time.  Everest: Conquering Thin Air will reunite two of the original stars of Everest, Jamling Norgay and Araceli Segarra, as they travel to Everest to help the Nepalese Sherpa people and conduct research on what has changed in the eleven years since their successful 1996 climb.  Everest: Conquering Thin Air will be released to IMAX® Theatres and other giant screen cinemas in 2016.
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